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Dhruv Sookhoo RTPI Accreditation Panel Appointment

Dhruv Sookhoo, Visiting Lecturer and NEDTC Doctoral Candidate, has recently been selected for the RTPI Accreditation Panel and Partnership Board, responsible for the accreditation of RTPI courses in the UK and abroad. Membership of the pool is open to chartered RTPI members with a demonstrable interest in professional education, policy and research. Dhruv’s selection follows previous successful membership of the RIBA Visiting Board (2006-2008) and RIBA Educational Trust Fund Committee (2007-2009).

Dhruv has initially been drawn to act as RTPI Representative on the Partnership Board of the Joint Distance Learning Consortium.

Speaking about the recent appointment Dhruv said: “I am looking forward to supporting the Consortium... and I anticipate that representing the RTPI in this way will provide a valuable opportunity for me to learn from planning educationalists with an expertise in distance delivery.”

Congratulations Dhruv on your appointment! 

published on: 24 October 2017