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The School recently supported the University’s Discover More programme by delivering a mini-project to sixth form students from Cardinal Hume Catholic School, Excelsior Academy, Whitley Bay High School and Burnside Business and Enterprise College.  The students were challenged to create a simple piece of furniture in the grounds of the campus that would enhance student experience during the day and provide shelter during the evening.

The event aimed to give young designers an opportunity to sample the full design process from testing the brief, to undertaking site analysis, preparing and refining ideas through diagrams, and presenting proposals as a group to a small review panel.  Given the whole exercise took less than two hours, and the results were quite impressive.

The project was devised by Dhruv Sookhoo, Visiting Lecturer and delivered with the support of Zineb Khadri, Matthew Smith and Phoebe Mo from Year 2, Architecture BA Honours.  Dhruv said:

“It’s important for an outward-looking School like ours to support events with young people.  As well as giving them an opportunity to sample how design is taught at University, the session aimed to build confidence by demystifying the design process and challenging the idea that design activity is reserved for a select few.  The event provided a great opportunity for our students too, because it gave them a chance to practice making the design process accessible to non-designers, which should be the goal of any aspiring architect”.





published on: 16 April 2015