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Dr Graham Tipple Contributes to Global Housing Strategy

Dr Graham Tipple, Visiting Fellow in the School, has been retained by UN-Habitat to write the housing chapter in the World Cities Report (WCR), 2015.

The WCR will guide the negotiations preceding the adoption of a 'Global Housing Strategy 2016-2025', to replace the 'Global Strategy for Shelter 1996-2015', at Habitat III, the United Nations conference on housing and sustainable urban development, in 2016.

Dr Tipple has also recently been working on a World Bank project "Stocktaking of urban housing in Sub-Saharan Africa", being responsible for the Ethiopian case study (one of three with Nigeria and Cameroon). He is currently finishing the UN-Habitat 'Lesotho Urban Housing Profile' (his fifth national profile after Malawi, Ghana, Zambia and Liberia).


published on: 13 October 2014