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The Farrell Review has empowered architects and designers to shape policy

Much has been achieved in the five years since the publishing of the Farrell Review, a report on the state of the UK's architecture, but we can still do much more to improve our towns and cities, writes Terry Farrell.

Published in Dezeen, Sir Terry Farrell discusses the impact that the Farrell Review has had on policies and the built environment in the five years since its publication. 

"When Dezeen asked me five years ago to choose one recommendation I would most like to see happen, I chose urban rooms. I see these as places where people can go to find out about the past, present and future of their place. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect them to take off in the way they have, with over 15 throughout the country and many more being planned. I am so taken by the idea that I have agreed to donate £1 million to Newcastle University where I studied architecture, along with my archive, to establish an urban room there."

Sir Terry Farrell with Vice Chancellor Professor Chris Day on his most recent visit to Newcastle University

published on: 28 January 2019