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Architecture and Urban Planning Students to participate in the 2019 Jesmond Community Festival

The Jesmond Community Festival will run from 11 May - 2 June 2019

With spring well and truly in the air, it is nearly time for the Jesmond Festival, which this year runs from Saturday 11th May until Sunday 2 June. With around one hundred events taking place, the festival is billed as offering something for everyone, and we hope that staff and students who live in and around will want to get involved.

Each year students and staff from the University help with the running of events, and this year is no different. Groups of students studying the "Coproducing Space: Urban Prototyping" module in Architecture and Urban Planning will be in Jesmond testing out proposals developed as part of their studies in community-led place-making on Saturday 11th May. 

This participatory project aims to create opportunities for community-led place making in Jesmond, a neighbourhood of Newcastle. Working in the context of this annual event that fosters initiatives for community action including trialling changes in public space, temporary settings to play, walk or cycle – students will prototype, test and trial place specific initiatives that can potentially increase the potential for Jesmond to be a greener, healthier and child-friendly neighbourhood.

There will be three interventions focusing on three aspects that Jesmond Residents would like to see emerging in the neighbourhood: Play City, Green City and Active City. 

published on: 9 May 2019