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Landscapes for everyone: Maggie Roe invited to parliamentary reception

Senior Lecturer in Landscape Architecture, Maggie Roe, has been invited to a Parliamentary Reception at Westminster for the official launch of  Landscapes-for-everyone.

A wide range of organisations have come together to produce Landscapes for Everyone - a shared vision of why landscapes matter and how we can secure a better future for them. Those backing it include the Campaign to Protect Rural England, National Trust, Campaign for National Parks, the Ramblers, John Muir Trust, Open Spaces Society, British Mountaineering Council and the Landscape Institute.

Maggie was invited as a result of her membership of the Natural England Science Advisory Committee (NESAC).

Maggie Roe is part of the organising committee for Landscape, Wilderness and The Wild and is Degree Programme Director for the MSc in Planning for Sustainability and Climate Change and MA in Planning and Environment Research.


published on: 19 January 2015