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Long Live Southbank Campaign

Long Live Southbank looks to preserve and maintain London's unique Southbank Undercroft the globally recognised skate spot in central London.

Dr David Webb a lecturer in Town Planning and Director of Engagement in the School of Architecture Planning and Landscape, has recently been collaborating with the Long Live Southbank Campaign (LLSB).  He is part of an academic team to explore young people's conception of heritage, and this led to the AHRC award winning film 'You can't move history': engaging youth in cultural heritage. Since the film was published LLSB have been in negotiations with the South Bank Centre to return the Southbank Undercroft - a globally recognised skate spot in central London - to the former, larger site which was available to skaters in the 1990s.  The skate spot will also have a children and young people's headquarters. They are appealing for crowd funding to help support the project and would welcome any donations.

published on: 23 June 2017