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Newcastle University's Architecture graduates are coming to London

Newcastle’s Architecture Degree Show promises a vibrant and varied experience. The array of projects on offer highlight the School’s ongoing commitment to diverse, research-informed, speculative and critical design agendas at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The MArch covers a broad range of issues, with students generating their own brief within the theoretical framework established by one of five studios. 

Landscapes of Human Endeavour represents ideas in an intriguing assortment of installations, including a Disney-themed, self-preservation city clinging to the ceiling. Alongside the fantastical, there is a deep engagement with current social and political contexts. Zanzibar students are working with the Urban Planning Unit, in the UNESCO World Heritage site of Stone Town, to develop proposals that tackle urgent issues such as water supply. Closer to home, Border Territories is particularly topical with the UK’s relationship to the EU, and consequently Scotland, in question. “Newcastle might soon become a border town again,” says Prof. Adam Sharr. “It’s an ideal time to think about what borders actually mean to people.” Elsewhere, the School’s emphasis on collaboration is evident in both Matter and Experimental Architecture which have parallel undergraduate studios. These are possibly two of the most extreme cases of studio, from the very real to the completely speculative, and testament to how diverse the explorations at Newcastle can be.

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