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Northumberland revealed as the highest in postcode lottery of bulky waste collection charges

Professor Simin Davoudi comments on the regional variation in the cost of bulky waste collection

Analysis released today by the BBC Shared Data Unit reveals widespread regional variation in how much people are being asked to pay, with prices ranging from just a few pounds for a single item to more than £100 for collections of multiple items.

Professor Simin Davoudi said, "There is variation in terms of the charges for bulky waste and it is up to local authorities to determine how much they charge. The charges could correlate with the cost of the service - it might be cheaper in the North East than in the South East. Then there is also the socio-economic profile of an area. For people in deprived communities, paying £10 or £15 is quite a lot of money.

The Local Government Association (LGA) did a survey and said there is no direct link between charging and fly-tipping.

Davoudi continues, "charges for collecting bulky waste may not be the only factor in fly-tipping, but it is a factor. It seems to me that bulky-waste charges are a bit of a false economy. The cost of clearing fly-tipping is much higher than the charge to collect. The figure for cleaning up fly-tipping in 2016-17 was nearly £60million. Next to that, the charges they have managed to collect are nothing. It needs proper investigation to see if it really is worthwhile to charge for collections rather than provide that extra incentive for people not to fly-tip."

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published on: 10 January 2019