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Open Heritage

Organizing, Promoting and ENabling HEritage Re-use through Inclusion, Technology, Access, Governance and Empowerment (OpenHeritage)

Professor John Pendlebury and Dr Loes Veldpaus are due to commence work shortly on a four year, five million Euro EU Horizon 2020 OpenHeritage project.  The project, in collaboration with 15 partners across 11 European countries, aims to further understandings and experiences of inclusive and innovative governance models for adaptive heritage re-use.

Alongside the 16 identified case studies of successful adaptive reuse the team will also be looking at six Cooperative Heritage Labs, in which it will co-create and test an innovative model of reuse and inclusive heritage governance.  One of these Cooperative Heritage Labs is centred upon some of the historic buildings in the Sunderland Heritage Action Zone, working alongside the Tyne and Wear Building Preservation Trust (a partner in the project). By using this site the project team hope to create a local platform for residents to capitalise on their own heritage, and a meeting point for intercultural dialogue and tolerance. It is also anticipated that local stakeholders, including the University, will be able to share experiences on inclusive and feasible funding mechanisms and tools for adaptive heritage re-use. 

published on: 15 May 2018