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Professors Simin Davoudi and Roger Burrows join the Panel College at UKRI to review Future Leaders Fellowships Scheme

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) have invited Professor Simin Davoudi and Professor Roger Burrows to become panel members; assisting in the peer review process of the Future Leaders Fellowships scheme.

The flagship Future Leaders Fellowships scheme will attract, develop, retain, and sustain the best early career research and innovation talent in the UK. By inviting applications from across all disciplines, and open to those who may be based within universities, research institutes or businesses, the programme will foster new research and innovation career paths and facilitate interdisciplinary and movement of researchers and innovators between sectors. Providing long term, flexible funding will open the opportunity for the best and the brightest to tackle previously intractable challenges, open novel avenues of research and receive the training, development and mentorship that they require.

The professors’ experience and expertise will be drawn on to assess the quality of major research and innovation projects across a range of disciplines and sectors.

published on: 22 August 2018