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Professor Graham at cities seminar in Brazil

Stephen Graham, Professor of Cities and Society, has been invited to contribute to Rebel Cities, an international seminar in São Paulo, Brazil, 9-12 June.

The event will also have contributions from some of the most important names in Brazilian urbanism and critical economic theory; and David Harvey, distinguished professor of anthropology at the City University of New York (CUNY) and expert in urban geography.

Rebel Cities will attract an audience of thousands and is scheduled to be streamed all over Brazil. Professor Graham will be debating on panel 'Polis, police: police violence and urbanisation'.   

Professor Graham is author of Cities Under Siege: The New Military Urbanism (Verso, March, 2010) and one of the authors of the collection Bala perdida: a violência policial no Brasil e os desafios para sua superação (Stray bullet: police violence in Brazil and the challenges to overcome it).

Rebel Cities is being organised by Brazilian publisher, Boitempo Editorial, to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Boitempo Editorial are publishing a Brazilian edition of Cities Under Siege, following on from its publication in Mandarin, Arabic, German and French.

Professor Graham’s next book, “Vertical” (Verso, 2016) - currently in preparation - will offer a broad exploration of how the vertical stacking of architectures, infrastructures and spaces matters in todays’ world. With essays on everything from sewers, bunkers, flyovers, housing towers and skyscrapers to human bodies, satellites, drones and aircraft, the aim of the book is to get us to think more critically about the vertical aspects of the politics of geography.





published on: 5 June 2015