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Radical Practice Symposium

Hosted by Dr Stephen Parnell, the Radical Practice Symposium encouraged students to think of different ways in which they might practice architecture, other than the traditional model.

Four guests were invited in a "chain-reaction" format, Dr Parnell invited the first, and asked them to invite someone who they'd be interested to interview, and so along the chain. This resulted in the following guests who presented their work and interviewed their invited guest:

Chris Byrant of alma-nac

Chris Hildrey of Hildrey Studio

Pooja Agrawal of Public Practice

Pippa Goldfinger of Frome Town Council and the Architecture Centre in Bristol

Pippa Goldfinger interviews Chris Bryant

Chris Bryant interviews Chris Hildrey

‌Chris Hildrey interviews Pooja Agrawal

published on: 5 February 2019