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Matthew Warrenberg and Freddie Armitage announced as the winners of the RIBA North East and Yorkshire Student Awards 2019

Newcastle University architecture students scoop top prize in the Student Awards

On 27 June, the winners of the RIBA North East and Yorkshire Student Awards 2019 were announced.

Schemes submitted for the awards were designed by students from schools of architecture with RIBA validated and candidate courses in the North East and Yorkshire region. Each school was asked to submit two Part 1 design projects and two Part 2 design projects. 

Part 1 Prize Winner - Matthew Warrenberg

Matthew Warrenberg

The Part 1 prize was awarded to third year Newcastle University student Matthew Warrenberg for his work within the Stage 3 City Assemblage studio, led by Jack Mutton (architect and director of Ford Street Studio, Newcastle), Harriet Sutcliffe (artist and researcher at Newcastle University) and Sam Austin (Lecturer in Architecture at Newcastle University).

The City Assemblage studio is engaged in ideas concerning context, historical narrative and materials that create enduring architecture in search of a wider intelligibility. Working through a process of research, rather than invention, the studio looks to create architecture that is rooted in place and explores the experiential potential of materials, carefully pieced together in a celebration of craft. The studio began by studying forms and patterns of the
city and works by artists such as Eduardo Paolozzi, Cy Twombly and Man Ray. These observations informed explorations in sculpture and printmaking, working in the spirit of assemblage to develop an approach to the city, understood as a patchwork of ideas, materials and traces of the past.

Sam Austin said, "Matthew’s work shows exceptional design rigour, maturity of architectural judgement, and integration of constructional thinking. Embracing the studio brief, Matthew immersed himself in arts practice as a way to creatively engage with context, taking inspiration from Cy Twombly’s work, Newcastle’s varied skyline, and the vaults of bridges and gateways that structure experience of the city. Through accomplished sculptures and printmaking, he developed a distinctive approach to form and material which, with remarkable coherence, threads every aspect of the design, from site strategies to architectural language, spatial qualities, and technical details."

P‌art 2 Prize Winner - Freddie Armitage

Freddie Armitage

The Part 2 prize was awarded to Master of Architecture student Freddie Armitage. 

Freddie’s project carefully crafts a British Library for Scarborough as a new concept that develops narratives for different library users and embeds the project in a place that needs care and attention. The library is connected to the seafront promenade and the shoreline with a new funicular connecting it to the famous Scarborough gardens and the wider town.

Freddie’s beautiful drawings show how a crafted permanence, care for form, plan and programme and quality is an important way we can reconstruct community, bring all people into the spaces of learning and create something that shows respect for education for all and the reconstruction of place.

RIBA Student Awards
Left to right: William Gains, Freddie Armitage (Part 2 Winner), Cecilia Vincent, Emily Glynn, Anna White and Matthew Warrenberg (Part 1 Winner)

published on: 1 July 2019