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RIBA North East Research & Innovation Workshops

The interactive workshops were held on 30 November 2018 bringing together North East practitioners and the universities of Newcastle and Northumbria

The RIBA North East Research & Innovation Forum's Interactive Workshops were held on 30 November 2018 highlighting how research can enhance and benefit architectural practices. Three workshops were run in parallel under the themes of Wellbeing, Housing and Post Occupancy Evaluation. 

The Wellbeing workshop was led by Dr Neveen Hamza and the Post Occupancy Evaluation workshop was led by John Kamara. During the workshops the participants were able to discuss their current research and get feedback, get involved in general discussion and initiate potential collaboration. 

Dr Neveen Hamza discussing dementia within the context of the built environment

Dr Martin Dade-Robertson delivering a presentation on Experimental Architecture

published on: 5 December 2018