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Professor Simin Davoudi and Mark Tewdwr-Jones panellists at Regional Studies Association Winter Conference

New Horizons for Cities and Regions in a Changing World

The RSA Winter Conference was held on November 15 – 16 in Bloomsbury. The conference highlighted the need for regional research to inform public debates and invoke appropriate policy responses.

Professor Simin Davoudi discussed spatial imaginaries and how they are embedded within planning practices in her presentation.

The broad themes of the conference centred around:

  • Post-2020 EU Budget, the future of EU Policies and their likely implications for cities and regions
  • Energy transitions, environmental sustainability, and designing urban and regional futures
  • Industry 4.0 and the future shape of innovation, industrial development and strategy
  • New Financial Instruments for city and regional development
  • Brexit geographies and the future for investment, trading relations and their regional impacts
  • The future of city and regional planning, governance and devolution
  • Stress-testing new and established concepts, theories, frameworks, methods, vocabularies for understanding regional change and development
  • The role of universities and other institutions in shaping places and their futures
  • Tools and techniques for extending our horizons through comparative regionalism
  • Global investment flows, Global Value Chains and global connectivity: their geography and spatial impacts
  • Global migration flows and the integration of migrants into cities regions: challenges and opportunities for economic development
  • Technological change, innovation and its implications for cities and regions

published on: 20 November 2018