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School academics author core text on planning in UK

A team of academics from the School have authored the 15th edition of Town and Country Planning in the UK (Routledge), a core planning text book on undergraduate and postgraduate planning degrees in the UK.

The team comprised Barry Cullingworth, Vincent Nadin, Trevor Hart (Planning Tutor in the School), Simin Davoudi, John Pendlebury, Geoff Vigar, David Webb and Tim Townshend.

The latest edition incorporates the major changes to planning introduced by the coalition government elected in 2010, particularly through the National Planning Policy Framework and associated practice guidance and the Localism Act.

Colin Haylock ex-President of the RTPI stated 'On the fiftieth anniversary of its first edition, the tour-de-force that is Town and Country Planning in the UK ("Cullingworth") is still thriving. A new team of contributors have taken on the challenge of explaining and assessing the increasingly complex story of the development of planning thinking and activity in the UK...much commendation is due to the new team for so succinctly unpacked this world of change and so seamlessly tying it back in to the earlier part of the UK planning story"


published on: 19 January 2015