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Professor Simin Davoudi has been selected to serve on the ESRC Strategic Advisory Network

The Network is a flexible resource, enabling ESRC to obtain the advice it needs in a timely manner, drawing on a range of perspectives from across key stakeholder groups including academia, business, third sector and Government.

The Strategic Advisory Network provides ESRC and its Executive with:

  • Detailed expert support and advice (to cover the design of strategies and schemes, investment management, pre- and post-award, and interventions);
  • A broad perspective of advice on issues, proposals and decisions, including feedback on views within our various stakeholder groups;
  • Access to a pool of academic and user experts to whom the office can turn to for ad-hoc advice and advocacy and to test out new ideas;
  • Provision of input into general policy advice

The panel includes around 35 members from academic and non-academic organisations. 

Simin Davoudi

published on: 14 May 2019