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Success at RIBA North East Awards

Master of Architecture (MArch) student, Mariya Lapteva, wins the RIBA North East’s Part 2 Hadrian Award. The annual awards consider work submitted by students undertaking an RIBA accredited degree within the region.

The winning scheme offers a piercing, if whimsical, critique of how mass tourism has overwhelmed Venice. Inspired initially by Aldo Rossi's compositional language and representational style, Lapteva's project "The Venice" is a Disneylandesque interactive island theme park adjacent to the actual city. "The Venice" offers cruise ship tourists a packaged Venice experience, which consists of theatrical stagings of select moments from literature or opera that have made the city world famous. Lapteva cleverly reveals the banality of the experience by foregrounding the uncomfortable juxtaposition of the perspectives of the middle brow consumer/tourists, with those of the overworked theme park workers.

Kat Bruh (Part 1) and David Boyd (Part 2), studying at APL, were also highly commended for their submissions to the awards. 

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published on: 24 August 2017