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Sustainable Green Market

Dr Neveen Hamza and Dr Suzanne Speak recently delivered a workshop in Cairo, hosted by the Cairo Heritage Preservation General Administration, to disseminate research findings to government ministers, local media and key stakeholders based on project work funded by the AHRC and Egyptian Science and Technology Development fund.  The workshop was instigated at the direction of the Governor of Cairo, Eng-Atef Abd El-Hamid, who expressed an interest in the work undertaken by the research team.

The project, titled Sustainable Green Markets, aims to create a network of academics, government conservation officers, policy makers and the public, and will contribute to developing understandings about broader conceptions of Egyptian intangible cultural heritage. Using 19th century markets in Cairo as its focus, the network examines precedents globally and engages with the public locally to create a framework where heritage can contribute to processes of social and economic regeneration; facilitated through the careful management of interventions that combine understanding of heritage value, appropriate technological innovation and collaborative processes of engagement with local disempowered communities. The research aims at generating a holistic framework of intervention focusing on the intangible heritage and the cultural value of the history and current use of the market halls, combining a sense of the regeneration possibilities, physical intervention possibilities (including sustainable building technologies), legislative conservation strategies as well as engagement with current occupants and users of the markets. 

published on: 8 March 2018