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Thinking through Making Student Workshops

The School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape runs a Thinking through Making programme each year where external contributors are invited to deliver hands-on workshops to Stage 3, 5 and 6 students.

The workshops focus on the use of material within architecture, be it the material of construction, the drawing board or a digital interface. Thinking through Making provides students with an opportunity to explore a wide variety of material practices and possibilities through interactive and engaging sessions.  

10 workshops are held over six weeks, with Rachel Currie and Alex Blanchard leading the opening two on Tuesday 16th October.

Material Skills: Pattern Magic by Rachel Currie

Brief: This session is a ‘bake-off’ style technical challenge where you will be asked to work in small groups to follow a set of instructions to create a garment to wear using a selection of unusual and experimental materials. The exercise will challenge you to work together to understand how complex 2-dimensional shapes can fit together to create a 3-dimensional whole. This process will help you to gain understanding of 2D to 3D translation, construction sequencing, solving complex problems quickly and making appropriate material choices to suit your design intent. No sewing or fashion experience needed.

workshop    workshop

Material Practice: Encoded Material Processes by Alex Blanchard

Brief: Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees. In the compulsive programmer Joseph Weitzenbaum asserts that “coding, the translating of human intent into logical steps, reinforces a compulsive way of thinking.” In this workshop we will explore alternative means of encoding our experience of space by deconstructing our traditional tools for design. While current drawing conventions encode information for construction in a manner which reinforces the distinction between the designer and builder, research into the extended mind shows that our cognitive psychology is shaped by material engagement. In reworking our tools, which assume significance as physical and psychological prostheses, we will take ownership of our practice and open our design process toward a phenomenological mode of being.

 workshop     workshop

The next workshops will be held on Tuesday 23rd October.

published on: 22 October 2018