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Year 12 Students Rise to the 'City Challenge'

Over ninety Year 12 students from a number of regional secondary schools took part in a day’s ‘City Challenge’ at the beginning of the Easter vacation.  The event was organised by STEM and was facilitated by Teresa Strachan and PhD researcher Sean Peacock with the support of Claire Proctor, a Stage 2 YES Planning volunteer.

Comprising three repeating ‘taster’ workshops throughout the day, students worked in groups to plan their city suburb, using their development budget as wisely as they could.  It was down to each group to decide their own city visions and from there to design the detail, using photographic prompts, coloured pens and stickers to add detail to their layout plans.

Each of the groups’ designs rose to that challenge in different ways.  Examples included: an imaginative transport solution using the river, called ‘Park and Row’; a ‘local’ suburb airport; large areas of planting to prevent flooding; and, the provision of a range of housing solutions.

Students (and their teachers) said how much they had enjoyed the day, having the opportunity to find out what Urban Planning involves.

published on: 18 April 2018