School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape

About ARC

As a group of researchers with a wide range of backgrounds including design practiceparticipatory action, engineering and construction, digital design and emergence, ethnography, architectural history and critical theory we recognise the opportunity that our specialisms can bring to shared problems and questions, and aim to stimulate innovation and foster connectivity between methodologies that are too often isolated from one another.

ARC has a close relationship with our partner research centre GURU with many ARC members collaborating on postgraduate research supervision and research projects, and some are members of both. As researchers operating within the multidisciplinary field of architecture our members habitually collaborate with other schools in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, in the Faculty of Science, Agriculture and Engineering and the Faculty of Medical Sciences, and with Institutes in the University such as Newcastle University Humanities Research Institute and Newcastle Institute for Creative Arts Practice, as well as nationally and internationally beyond Newcastle University.


For further information please contact co-directors Katie Lloyd Thomas or Martyn Dade-Robertson.