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Postgraduate Research

Postgraduate Research

ARC is home to a large and diverse group of scholars. We provide a lively research environment for intellectual and creative exchanges across disciplines, and with our wide range of specializations and opportunities to collaborate within SAPL and beyond, we can support the research endeavours of postgraduate students with equally varied interests that maybe hard to find elsewhere.

ARC’s main areas of concentration are Histories + CulturesMaterials + Ecologies, and Processes + Practices. For a prospective post-graduate students it is possible to work on projects that fall within these areas or between them, or to create a supervisory team with members of GURU at SAPL, or even to seek further interdisciplinary collaborations in other schools.

To support postgraduate research students, we partake in the AHRC funded Northern Bridge and the ESRC funded NINE Doctoral Training Programmes, which offer prestigious, but competitive full fellowships for doctoral studies. On occasion, we also have studentships available through our journal arq and our in-house design office. Finally, ARC has been the recipient of Forshaw Fellowship, a generous endowment intended to support female students pursuing a doctoral degree in any aspect of architecture.

We encourage all students considering postgraduate studies to contact us soon, as especially funded studentships do require significant advance preparation with the prospective supervisors.

PhD Completions 2018 - 2019


Two Ways of Meaning in Architecture - 'Conceptual Meaning' and Pragmatic Meaning'
Dr Xi Ye

Architectural Reflections on Housing Older People: Nine Stories of Retirement-Living
Dr Sam Clark

Towards More Open Citizenship: Exorcising the Colonial Ghost, Re-Imagining Urban Space, and Critical Spatial Practice in Wenzhou, China
Dr Xi Chen

Negotiating Space: Women's Use of Space in Low-Income Urban Households, Surabaya, Indonesia
Dr Sarah Cahyadini

Returns - Towards a Photographic Criticism. (Or, the Case of the Berliner Bild-Bericht and the North American Grain Elevators)
Dr Catalina Mejia Moreno

Architecture and Urbanism in Twentieth Century Iraq: The Enduring Legacy of Gertrude Bell
Dr Sana Salman Dawood Al-Naimi

Incorporating Self-Management: Architectural Production in New Belgrade
Dr Tijana Stevanovic

A Coincidental Plot: The Potential of Paracontextuality in Spatial Practice
Dr Ashley Mason

Current Postgraduate Students

An Investigation Into the Conservation of Historical Buildings in Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Mohanad Alfelali

Bacterial Choreography: Designing interactions through biological induced mineralisation
Thora Arnardottir

Embodiment and computing at the architect's interface for design
Alexander Blanchard

Architecture by Default
Kieran Connolly

Housing Design and Marketing Images
Hazel Cowie

The Autobiographical Hinge: Revealing the Intermediate Area of Experience in Architectural Representation
James Craig

Living in Princely cities: Residential extensions, bungalow culture and the production of everyday spaces in Bangalore and Mysore, South India ca.1831 to 1920
Sonali Dhanpal

Integrated Design Approach for Responsive Solar-Shadings
Yomna Elghazi

Reimagining children’s spaces with Seven Stories: The National Centre for Children’s Books
Daniel Goodricke

Aldo Rossi: Architecture and the Nature of Memory
Sinead Hennessy

Learning from Tokyo
Nergis Kalli

Frameworks for Ingenuity: Processes of Practice in the London County Council Architects Department (1943-65)
Ruth Lang

Syn.Emergent Material
Sunbin Lee

An investigation into the use of Building Energy Performance Simulation as Active Design Method at Conceptual Design Stage in the UK practice
Ramy Mahmoud

An Investigation Into the Effect of the Thermal Performance of UBEC Classrooms on Learning
Charles Makun

Vatican II, Modernism and concrete. Meaning and interpretation of the material in post-war Britain
Ivan Marquez Munoz

How architects can increase the use of full-culm bamboo to provide adequate urban housing in tropical developing economies
John Naylor

The Role of Computer-Based Energy Simulation Applications in the Early Stage of Residential Buildings Design in Saudi Arabia
Hatem Nojoum

The Duke in His Domain: Revealing the Studio Space
Matthew Ozga-Lawn

Investigating the Properties of Mycelium to Develop Free Form Building Materials
Dilan Ozkan

Citizen participation, collective action and digital media for spatial justice: the case of Manizales, Colombia
Laura Pinzon Cardona

Micro and Macro-scale Characterisation of an Agarose-based Physical and Computational Model for the Testing and Development of Engineered Responsive Living Systems
Javier Rodriguez Corral

Museums & Landscapes to shape Modernity
Aldric Rodriguez Iborra

The Enchantment of the Wild
Usue Ruiz Arana

Comparative Analysis of the Influence of Organic and Gridiron-Urban Morphological Effects on Human Comfort, a Case Study-Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq
Ali Salih

Designing Water. A Living Wall between Land and Sea
Pierangelo Scravaglieri

A Spatial-Based Programme Approach to Water Supply Development in Indonesia
Djuang Sodikin

Becoming Planners and Architects: the Formation of Perspectives on Residential Design Quality
Dhruv Adam Sookhoo

Participation, Dwelling and Environment: Re-housing an Indigenous Karen Community in Thailand
Sadanu Sukkasame

Repositioning the Profession: The 1958 RIBA Oxford Conference and its impact on Architectural Education
Raymond Verrall