School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape

Laura Pinzon Cardona

Citizen participation, collective action and digital media for spatial justice: the case of Manizales, Colombia.

My research examines citizen participation and collective action in relation to urban planning in Manizales – Colombia, exploring local roles of digital media for social movements that pursue more inclusive ways to construct the city. Theoretical discussions and empirical findings around concepts such as spatial justice, transgressive citizenship and digital media’s transformative power, guide the research analysis.  

Using an ethnographic methodology, including over a year of nethnography or digital ethnographic exercises, with interviews and interactive exercises about the perception of participation, the research aims to contribute to international discussions about the possibilities and limitations of digital media in transforming citizen participation in urban development.

This research falls within the Practices + Processes theme within ARC, and the People, Place and Politics theme within GURU. 

Supervisors: Geoff Vigar, Sebastian Weise, Peter Kellett


Pinzon, L. (2013). Beyond connectivity. The impacts of social media in urban development. Working Paper 160. Development Planning Unit – The Bartlett. University College London.

Laura Pinzon Cardona 1

Laura Pinzon Cardona 2