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Dr Liz Juppenlatz

Visiting Fellow


I joined SAPL as a Visiting Researcher in 2015 after completing a PhD in rural regeneration and localism at Newcastle University. I am currently involved in two research areas. One is conducting an evaluation of a Neighbourhood Planning Front Runner in Northumberland with Geoff Vigar and Zan Gunn; the other is researching socio-cultural and governance issues arising in urban neighbourhood regeneration and governance in the west end of Newcastle with Dave Webb.


PhD: Rural Regeneration and Localism: A Case Study of Northumberland, SAPL, Newcastle University

M.Sc. Environmental Management, Imperial College.

M.A. Development Studies, Institute of Social Studies, Netherlands

Postgraduate Diploma Community Development, Manchester University

Postgraduate CIWEM Certificate in Water & Environmental Management, Anglia Ruskin University B.Sc. (Hons) Sociology/Politics, Bristol University



My research interests focus on the ways in which planning reform acts to empower/disempower local level planning initiatives especially at times of policy turbulence;  the associated mediation of social justice and legitimacy issues;  rural governance and institutional networks;  stakeholder engagement and exploring/developing the use of participatory methodologies. 


Currently contributing to the following modules, through teaching, assessment, marking, etc.


TCP 3049 Skills for Planning Strategies; TCP3053 Development Management; TCP2029 The Planning Professional; TCP1027 Shaping Towns and Cities; TCP1014 Planning Processes


TCP8099 Dissertation