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Staff Profile

Dr Edward Wainwright

Lecturer in Architecture


Edward is a lecturer in architecture, a researcher and designer exploring the intersections of architecture and culture, and the politics of architectural production. His design interests are concerned with architecture's relationship to fine art and spatial experience. He has worked with artists and architects on collaborative installation projects and spatial research for national and international organisations.

Edward's doctoral thesis, Transparency and Obfuscation: Politics and Architecture in the work of Foster + Partners (2011), explored the international context of the production of corporate architecture, outcomes of which have been published in Reading Architecture and Culture (London: Routledge, 2012).

He is a member of the Collective Studio steering committee, and sits on the Newcastle Institute for Creative Arts Practice steering committee. He is also Reviews & Insight editor for the Cambridge University Press journal, Architectural Research Quarterly, and sits on the Learning & Teaching, Spaces subcommittee.


The reading and understanding of architectures’ multiple contexts informs all my work and interests, from interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects through to research-informed teaching. My engagement with architecture is driven by an excitement at the potentials of collaboration across academic and professional disciplines, towards a greater understanding of architectures’ role in shaping social and political conditions. I pursue projects that draw on my expertise and experience as a researcher, teacher, curator, project manager and editor, to link architecture, critical art practice, and cultural theory and design research.

Current research projects include Intoxicated Space, Spaces of Intoxication, a pilot research project investigating the architectures of the intensities and experiences, and a collaborative research project between Fine Art and Business, exploring the spaces of artists studios in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the politics of architectural production.


Edward teaches across the undergraduate and postgraduate architecture design courses at APL, and is currently leading an M.Arch design studio, Intoxicated Practice, Intensities of Production, with Sam Austin, and jointly leads a Stage 2 module: About Architecture: Cities, Spaces, Culture.

He has been leading a linked-research studio on spaces of artistic production and digital representation in M.Arch, with The NewBridge Project, an artist studios and practice group in Newcastle.

Edward tutors undergraduate dissertation students in history/theory and creative practice work, and has run a short Architecture and Urban Planning course in stage 1, exploring the relationship between architecture, arts practice and the city.