School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape

Staff Profile

Jianye Wang

Research Assistant/Associate


04/2020-present                                                                  Research Assistant/Associate

                                                                                                 Thinking Soil Project

09/2016-03/2020                                                                 Doctor of Philosophy

                                                                                                Geotechnical, Civil Engineering

                                                                                                Durham University


09/2013-07/2016                                                                 Master of Science in Engineering

                                                                                                 Geotechnical, Civil Engineering

                                                                                                 Beijing University of Civil-  

                                                                                                 Engineering and Architecture

09/2009-07/2013                                                                 Bachelor of Engineering

                                                                                   Geotechnical, Civil Engineering

                                                                                                 Beijing University of Civil-

                                                                                                 Engineering and Architecture


Research Interests

1. Mechanical behaviours and constitutive modelling of soil

2. Numerical simulation in geotechnical engineering problems

3. Sustainable geotechnical materials and soil stabilization

4. Interdisciplinary research based on soil mechanic and geotechnical engineering