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Mark Gray

Learning & Teaching Assistant


Learning and Teaching Assistant

Faculty Learning and Teaching Team

Faculty Office, 2nd Floor Devonshire Building


My role encompasses a variety of tasks for the faculty team, ranging from assisting in organising the calendar and room bookings for the PGRDP Programme, to processing module changes in SAP.

Working for the faculty team has also entailed being deployed out to the schools of SNES and SENG to assist the teams there for a short period. This experience has given me a much broader knowledge base of a Learning and Teaching position in the SAGE faculty.

Currently my main focus is assisting in the daily administration for both the One Planet DTP and Power Electronics for Sustainable Electric Propulsion (PESEP) CDT.

The university has given me an entry opportunity into a new career path, I very much enjoy working as a member of the faculty team and I look forward to where the role will take me in future.


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Dial: 0191 208 5535