School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape

Staff Profile

Dr Miranda Iossifidis

Research Associate in Urban Planning


I am a Research Associate in GURU, and working on OpenHeritage H2020 project. My current research interests are around the collective and creative negotiation of Anthropocene futures through speculative fiction and everyday urban culture.

I did my PhD in the Sociology department at Goldsmiths (2016) and have in recent years worked on several research projects in the Culture Lab, Geography and Sociology departments at Newcastle University, and Centre for Cultural Industries at City, University of London. I've taught in Geography, Sociology, Media and Design departments at undergraduate and postgraduate level at Goldsmiths, LSE, UCL, Oxford, University of the Arts London and Newcastle University. I'm a Fellow of the HEA and have received a student-nominated award for innovative teaching (LSE, 2018). 

I have a background in audio/visual practice and have worked with architects in Paris, Rotterdam and Caracas. I am a member of the Gender and Feminist Geographies Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers), part of the Sonic Cyberfeminisms collective and Feminist Researchers Against Borders.


Recent projects 

  • Urban and cultural policy analysis for the European Cultural Foundation as part of Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities (2020).
  • Research consultancy: creating a new programme with Dr Mbaye and the British Council Creative Economy team exploring Dakar's creative ecosystem with young creative communities, 'The Space Between' (2020).
  • Curating Dakar as an 'Art World City', with Dr Jenny Mbaye. Our chapter on independent art institution-building in Dakar was recently published in Forces of Art: Perspectives from a Changing World. (2019-2020)
  • 'Children's Magical Realism for New Spatial Interactions with Dr Tom Schofield in Culture Lab, collaborating with Seven Stories to develop and facilitate workshops exploring children's relationship to space and place in Newcastle upon Tyne, through augmented reality and magical realism (2019).
  • 'Prospecting Futures', part of 'Unsettling Scientific Stories', using digital methods to explore how online science fiction reading communities collectively and creatively negotiate Anthropocene futures (AHRC) with Dr Lisa Garforth in Sociology (2018-19).


I am currently a dissertation mentor and personal tutor for third year students in GAP.


  • Iossifiids MJM. Spaces of transmission: Storytelling and remembrance of the 1973 Athens Polytechnic Uprising. City, Culture and Society 2020, epub ahead of print.
  • Iossifidis MJM, Mbaye J. Curating Dakar as an "art world city". In: Carin Kuoni, ed. Forces of Art: Perspectives from a Changing World. Amsterdam: Valiz, 2020.
  • Iossifidis MJM. Mapping of EU Projects, Policies, Programmes and Networks. European Cultural Foundation, 2020.
  • Iossifidis MJM. ASMR and the “reassuring female voice” in the sound art practice of Claire Tolan. Feminist Media Studies 2016, 17, 112-115.