School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape

Staff Profile

Dr Moozhan Shakeri

Research Associate


I am currently working with Prof. Geoff Vigar and Dr. Rob Comber (from Openlab in Newcastle University) on the Digital Economy Research Centre’s (DERC) projects. The projects mainly aim to theorise, design, develop, and evaluate new digitally mediated models of citizen participation that engage communities, the third sector, local government and the commercial digital economy in developing the future of local service provision and local democracy. 

I joined the School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape in December 2016, after I finished my PhD at University of Manchester. My dissertation, titled ‘the use of games in participatory planning practices’, is a critical reflection on the role and added value of digital games in participatory planning processes. Having had my MSc on Geospatial analysis and earth observation tools for urban planning in 2012 from University of Twente in the Netherlands, I have also worked as a spatial analyst in various projects (e.g. GM poverty monitoring ( and Commute flow ( in the Spatial Policy and Analysis Laboratory (previously known as Centre for Urban Policy Studies) at University of Manchester.