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Dr Rolf Hughes

Director of Artistic Research/Experimental Architecture Group


A pioneer of artistic research, Rolf Hughes has been at the forefront of developments in the field in Scandinavia and Northern Europe from its inception. He  is currently Research Associate and Director of Artistic Research for the Experimental Architecture Group, at the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape at Newcastle University (UK). His research and teaching explore the contribution of artistic (practice-led) research methods to developing transdisciplinary  design ecologies and modes of architectural practice with a focus on the ethics of living technologies and nonhuman agency. A writer across creative and critical genres, his practice today spans arts and design disciplines, as well as collaborations with the sciences, engineering and disruptive new technologies. He has supervised and examined PhD dissertations across architecture, art, craft, design, photography and the performing arts since 2000, including for the Bartlett, University of Westminster, Middlesex University, KU Leuven, Royal Institute of Technology, Oslo School of Architecture, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm University of the Arts, and elsewhere. While Guest Professor in Design Theory and Practice-Based Research at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design (2006–2013), he became Senior Professor in Research-by-Design at Sint-Lucas School of Architecture (KU-Leuven, Belgium, 2007–2013), creating and teaching an international, practice-led PhD programme for architects, artists and designers. Having served two terms as Vice President of the international Society for Artistic Research (2011–2015), and developed artistic and design-led research strategy and policy for national research councils in Sweden, Norway, Austria, Italy, and Portugal, where he is currently FCT Chair of Arts and Other Humanities Research Funding Panel, Hughes has an extensive international network of artistic research practitioners, strategists and leaders. His prose poems, fiction, and scripts have been published widely, and he is in demand as a speaker, tutor and advisor on artistic research internationally.

Rolf is a member, with Rachel Armstrong, Simone Ferracina and Pierangelo Scravaglieri, of the Experimental Architecture Group (EAG), whose work has been exhibited and performed at the Venice Art and Architecture Biennales (2016, 2017, 2019), the Oslo International Theatre Festival (2019), the International Festival of Landscape Architecture organised by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (2018), Lakeside Gallery Nottingham (2018), NYU Gallatin (2018), Great North Museum (2018), Trondheim Biennale (2016, 2018), the Great Exhibition of the North (2018), Uppsala Konsert & Kongress (2017), Allenheads Contemporary Arts, Culture Lab, and the Tallinn Architecture Biennale (2017). EAG has lectured and led workshops internationally, including Monash University, the University of Melbourne, Universidad de Sevilla, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (Barcelona), the University of the Underground (Amsterdam), KU Leuven (Belgium), the TTU Academy of Architecture and Urban Studies (Tallinn), the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme, and Stockholm University of the Arts.


Experimental Architecture Group (EAG) Exhibitions 2017-2019

The following events are part of a series of explorations of 'living brick' materiality investigating the nature of matter and how places forged by emerging materials are inhabited. Such investigations often throw up unexpected findings and uncategorisable spaces, or materials, which we may call 'monsters'. Embracing these strange hybrids the process of ‘monstering’ is used to challenge the mores of architectural design, which is based on Euclidean geometry, and to seek out other spaces, strange couplings and provocations that may help us better inhabit and build along-with an unquiet world.

Link to select images from EAG exhibitions and workshops over the past year:

Exhibition: Is This Tomorrow? Whitechapel Gallery, London, 14 Feb 2019 12 May 2019. 999 years, 13sqm (the future belongs to ghosts) by Rachel Armstrong and Cecile B. Evans. As a member of the bioengineering team, Isupported the design and bioreactor development of the microbial fuel cell-based wall, which powers an interactive display through the metabolism of microorganisms. The exhibition is a major international exhibition and a response to the pioneering 1956 exhibition This Is Tomorrow, also at the Whitechapel Gallery.

Living Brick Series, ‘Shadows and Light: Monstering Life’ design workshop at the University of the Underground/Sanberg Instituut, Amsterdam, MA Design of Experiences with Rolf Hughes, Simone Ferracina, Andrew Ballantyne for Nelly Ben Hayoun. June 2018.

Nottingham Trent University & Lakeside Gallery, Living with Adaptive Architecture Exhibition, May-June 2018. (Rachel Armstrong, Rolf Hughes, Simone Ferracina, Pierangelo Scravaglieri)

Northern Stage, Stage 3, Great Exhibition of the North. Experimental Architecture Group and Culture Lab. Self-build Utopias, ‘Here be Monsters’, June-August 2018. (Rachel Armstrong, Rolf Hughes, Simone Ferracina, Pierangelo Scravaglieri)

Cragside House, ‘Women in Power’ postgraduate ‘innovator’ show ‘Switched on! Shining a light on Female Innovation’, celebrating 100 years of suffrage, managing 9 innovators. In collaboration with NICAP and National Trust. June-November 2018.(Director, Rachel Armstrong, Co-Director, Rolf Hughes)

Gallatin School of Individualized Study, New York University, ‘Collapse. Climate, Cities and Culture’ for Global Design NYU. June-July 2018.(Rachel Armstrong, Rolf Hughes, Simone Ferracina)

Washington Wetlands ‘Creature Box’ exhibition, project for Year 3 students developing a visitor walk as part of their primer, April 2018 – ongoing. (Tutors, Rachel Armstrong, Andrew Campbell, Rolf Hughes, Simone Ferracina, Andrew Ballantyne, Pierangelo Scravaglieri)

Performance keynote for ‘Beautiful Accident’ at the Trondheim Biennale, March 2018, which discussed the future of consciousness extending to the conversations of matter. (Curator Rachel Armstrong, keynote by Rachel Armstrong, Rolf Hughes, Simone Ferracina)

The Great North Museum, ‘Living Brick’ installation and booklet. March-May 2018. (Rachel Armstrong, Rolf Hughes, Simone Ferracina, Andrew Ballantyne, Pierangelo Scravaglieri)

 in collaboration with the Great North Museum Collection.

Living Brick Series, ‘Making Monsters: An experimental architecture workshop,’ design workshop at the University of the Underground/Sanberg Instituut, Amsterdam, MA Design of Experiences. Rachel Armstrong, Rolf Hughes, Simone Ferracina, Andrew Ballantyne for Nelly Ben Hayoun. January 2018.

‘(Re)playing the mineral tape of life’ workshop on chemistry and architecture at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), Barcelona, for Areti Markopoulou, ‘Digital Matter’ Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA). (Rachel Armstrong, Rolf Hughes, Simone Ferracina, Marco Ingrassia, David Andres Leon, Raimund Krenmueller)

‘Living Bricks of Aarhus’ workshop at the Creativity World Forum, Aarhus, Denmark. 1st November 2018. Keynote, Rachel Armstrong and storytelling workshop by Rachel Armstrong, Rolf Hughes and Simone Ferracina at the World Creativity Forum in Aarhus, the European Capital of Culture

Living Brick, Exhibitor in group show, BioTallinn, Tallinn, Estonia Architecture Biennale, September-October 2017. Keynote, Rachel Armstrong, exhibited work (Rachel Armstrong, Rolf Hughes, Simone Ferracina, Pierangelo Scravalieri), Year 6 student work exhibited as posters by Su Ann Lim, Matthew Sharman-Hayles. Michael Southern, Kim Gault, for 4th Tallinn Biennale, curator Claudia Pasquero. September-November 2018.

Living Brick series workshop for the Swiss Artistic Research Network (SARN) at the Uni-Arts Research Pavilion, Venice Biennale August 2017. The work, entitled ‘Bric(k)olage: An Ecology of Found Practices’ explored an alternative form of ‘computing’ to design ‘living brick’ prototypes. (Rachel Armstrong, Rolf Hughes, Simone Ferracina).

‘Designing with Demons: In search of living bricks in Estonia’ workshop and field trips at Tallinn Technical University Academy of Architecture and Urban Studies, with Experimental Architecture Group from 27-31st May 2017. Talks and workshop by Rachel Armstrong, Simone Ferracina, Rolf Hughes for Kristi Grišakov, Head of the Landscape Architecture programme for the Interdisciplinary Landscape Architecture Master Studio.

Exhibition of prototypes (with Living Architecture consortium) and Venetian brickwork for ‘Super Material’ exhibition at The Building Centre, London, February-April 2017.

Publications: selection with emphasis on design-led/artistic research (recent years only)


*Hughes, R. The Art of Experiment. Book contract signed with Routledge, UK. Due 2020.

*Armstrong, R., Ferracina, S., Hughes, R. (eds.) Liquid Life (Punctum Books, NY, 2019)

*Armstrong, R. (with Hughes, R.), Soft Living Architecture: An alternative View of Bio Informed Practice (Bloomsbury Visual Arts, London, 2018). I co-authored the final section.

Hughes, R. “Beyond” and “Promised Land” (two short stories) published in “Visionary II: A Science Fiction Anthology” (British Interplanetary Society, London, 2018)

Hughes, R. “Love, Love Me Do! Evaluating Research in the Arts” in Evaluating Research in the Arts ed. Walter Ysebaert (ASP Publishers, Belgium, 2018)

Armstrong, R., Ferracina, S., Hughes, R. (eds.) Designing with Demons: In Search of Living Bricks in Estonia (Experimental Architecture Group, Newcastle University & Academy of Architecture and Urban Studies, Tallinn Technical University, 2017)

Armstrong, R., Ferracina, S., Hughes, R. “A Wall for the 21st Century: ‘Trump’s wall should be a porous, shape-shifting invitation’” article in The Architecture Review, published online 19 April 2017.

Armstrong, R., Hughes, R. Living Bricks of Venice: Vision, prototype, exhibition. Published by Horizon 2020-funded project Living Architecture and launched at Venice Biennale (2016).

*Armstrong, R., (ed.) Space Ark: A Living, Self-Sustaining Spaceship (Springer-Verlag, 2016) (essay, prose poems, drawings).

*Armstrong, R., Hughes, R. and Gangvik. E. 2016. Handbook of the Unknowable. Trondheim: TEKS. (essay, prose poems).

Armstrong, R., Hughes, “The Art of Experiment” in Writing and Architecture (Åarhus School of Architecture, forthcoming 2018)

Armstrong, R., Hughes, R. “Persephone” in JOUST Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2016, College of Engineering, University of Puerto Rico


Hughes, Rolf “Our fingers, my heart: lilac at dusk knows nothing of choice” (prose poem on interdisciplinarity) in The Phoenix Project: Circus Glass Royale (eds. Åsa Johannison and Nina Westman, 2016)


*Hughes, Rolf (2016) “When will it thunder?” in Perspectives on Research Assessment in Architecture, Music and the Arts, Nilssen, F., Dunin-Woyseth, H., Janssens, N. (eds.), Routledge 2017.


Hughes, Rolf (2015) “Light” in You Say Light – I Think Shadow: 109 perspectives collected and visualized by Sandra Praun and Aleksandra Stratimirovic (Art and Theory Publishing)


*De Zeeuw, Gerard & Hughes, Rolf (2015). “Preferences in Architectural Research” Cybernetics & Human Knowing: Special Edition – Ranulph Glanville & How to Live the Cybernetics of Unknowing [Volume 22, No. 2-3, 2015]


*Hughes, Rolf (2014). “In Other Words: Or Why is it Difficult to Talk about Why it is Difficult to Talk about Architecture?” in Why is it Difficult to Talk about Architecture? Ed. Jean Stillemans UCL- Faculté d'architecture, d'ingénierie architecturale,  d'urbanisme (LOCI)


Hughes, Rolf (2014). “An Architect’s Testimony” in Reflections 17, Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Brussels.


Hughes, Rolf (with Sandra Praun and Nino Strohecker, 2013) “On the perils of connecting inside to outside” prose poem/text-based installation. Konstfack annual Spring Exhibition, Artistic Research and Development (KU) project.


Hughes, Rolf (2013) “A Leap into Another Kind: International Developments in Artistic Research” in Yearbook for Artistic Research & Development. Stockholm: Swedish Research Council.


*Hughes, Rolf (2013) “Exposition” in Exposition in Artistic Research ed. Henk Borgdorff and Michael Schwab (University of Leiden, 2013).


Hughes, Rolf (2012). “Belgium Conversations 2011-2012” in Reflections 16, Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Brussels.


Hughes, Rolf (2012)."Leopards in the Temple: Circus Arts Research" in Circus Arts Research Development edited by Andreas Skjönberg and Camilla Damkjaer, University of Dance and Circus (DOCH), Stockholm. 


Hughes, Rolf (2011): “Against Origins: Phusis, Mutability and Divine Terror” and (with Jenny Sundén) “Introduction: Nature Seconded” in Hughes, Rolf and Sundén, Jenny (eds) Second Nature: Origins and Originality in Art, Science and New Media (Axl Books, Stockholm)


*Hughes, Rolf and Jones, Ronald (2011): “Modern 2.0: Post-criticality and transdisciplinarity” in Transdisciplinary Knowledge Production in Architecture and Urbanism: Towards Hybrid Modes of Inquiry, Janssens, Nel and Doucet, Isabelle (eds.) Springer-Verlag. 


Hughes, Rolf (2010). “On Quality” in Hjemdal T I, ed. Conditions (Magazine for Architecture and Urbanism, Oslo). Issue #5/6 The Politics of Quality Management. 


Hughes, Rolf (2010). "Beyond  ‘Reflective Practice’: Breaking Glass in your Room Again". in Glas i samspel med scenkonst och musik edited by Åsa Johannisson.


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*Hughes, Rolf (2009).  ”The Art of Displacement: Designing experiential systems and transverse epistemologies as conceptual criticism” in Doucet, I and Cupers, K ed., Footprint (Delft School of Design Journal), Issue # 4, Agency in Architecture: Reframing Criticality in Theory and Practice (Spring 2009), pp.49-63.

Hughes, Rolf (2007). “THE DROWNING METHOD: On Giving an Account in Practice-based Research” in Critical Architecture eds. Jane Rendell, Jonathan Hill, Murray Fraser and Mark

Dorrian, London & New York: Routledge.

Hughes, Rolf (2007). “The Hybrid Muse: Creative and Critical Writing in/as Practice-Based Research” keynote lecture from “The Unthinkable Doctorate” conference (NETHCA and Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Brussels, April 2005) published in The Unthinkable Doctorate, Brussels: Sint-Lucas School of Architecture.


Hughes, Rolf (2007) “The semi-living author: post-human creative agency” and (with Anstey, Tim, and Grillner, Katja) “Introduction” in Anstey, Tim, Grillner, Katja and Hughes, Rolf (eds.) Architecture and Authorship (Black Dog Press, London)

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Hughes, Rolf 2006. “Room within a View: A conversation on writing (&) architecture by Katja Grillner and Rolf Hughes” OASE 70 Special issue on Architecture and Literature (ed. Klaske Havik, TU Delft Faculty of Architecture, Netherlands, 2006).

Hughes, Rolf 2006. “Creation Story” (prose poem rendered as an artwork by acclaimed graphic designer Laurie Haycock Makela) in SIMPLE: An exhibition of art, design, sound and literature (January 21-February 25 2006) exhibition organized by Ronald Jones and Laurie Haycock Makela for Milliken Gallery, Stockholm (featuring work by Hilma Af Klimt, Florian Böhm, Jonas Bohlin, Björn Hellström, Rolf Hughes, Reed Kram, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Clemens Weisshaar, Andrea Zittel) Milliken Gallery, Stockholm January 21-February 25 2006. 


Selected artistic works (e.g. exhibitions, concerts, performances); since 2014 

The Temptations of the Non-Linear Ladder: Artistic research experimental performances exploring pre-modern knowledge forms at the Do Disturb! Festival, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, April 2016. With Rachel Armstrong and members of the leading Swedish new circus company Cirkus Cirkör. 12 000 visitors over 3 days.

“It”, short story about cockroach in space, published by British Interplanetary Society (2016), and part of multimedia installation and research project (with Rachel Armstrong); “The Capsule of Crossed Destinies”, an allegorical view of humankind through a creature that is not only capable of multiple transformations but one that can thrive under the most extreme conditions such as, exposure to high levels of radiation. In this work, two roaches are transported to the extreme limits of terrestrial terrains into the rarified environment of the stratosphere. Here, exposed to intense ultraviolet radiation, which bleaches out colour, as well as temperatures and pressures close to those observed on the Martian surface, their capacity to adapt and thrive is tested. Caught between planes of existence the roaches struggle for survival against the odds before gravity drags them back to the earth’s surface:

Radical Circus Keynote performance lecture (with Rachel Armstrong) for Uppsala Congress and Concert Hall, 1 day symposium & workshop on Radical Circus with Cirkör Lab (part of Cirkus Cirkör), Uppsala, 21 January 2017. 3200 visitors between 15.00-Midnight.

The Art of Experiment Keynote performance lecture (with Rachel Armstrong) for Circus Arts Research Development 2.0 conference Stockholm University of the Arts, December 2016.

Hughes, Rolf (2015) “Light” in You Say Light – I Think Shadow: 109 perspectives collected and visualized by Sandra Praun and Aleksandra Stratimirovic (Art and Theory Publishing)



Graduated from national course in higher academic leadership (2015-2017) organised and administered by the Association of Swedish Higher Education (SUHF) for senior academic management. Course members were either heads of research, deans or prefects across all Swedish universities.

Head of Research, Stockholm University of the Arts (2014-2016). As Head of Research, I was second in seniority only to the Vice Chancellor.

Leader of working group on artistic research strategy and international development of the field. Vetenskapsrådet (Swedish National Research Council) 2010-2013. (See articles in Vetenskapsrådet Yearbooks 2011 and 2013).

Member of the Royal Society Working Group on Animate Materials (2019).

Peer reviewing, evaluating etc.

 Peer reviewer, advisor, lecturer and tutor for Norwegian Artistic Research Programme (2012-present).

Peer reviewer: assessment, interviewing and selection of applicants for artistic PhD Programme and for applications for research funding (Stockholm University of the Arts, 2014-2016)

External expert (peer reviewer) for Social Sciences and Humanities, Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) 2012. Chair of the Arts and Other Humanities Panel (2018).

External expert to University of Leiden invited to evaluate Henk Borgdorff’s dissertation ‘The Conflict of the Faculties. Perspectives on Artistic Research and Academia’ (2012)

Peer reviewer for applications to Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme (2012-present)

Peer reviewer (as elected member of expert committee on artistic research) of artistic research grant applications, for Vetenskapsrådet (Swedish National Research Council) 2010-2012.

Reviewer, NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research (2010)

Member of Scientific Committee for NORDES design research conferences (2008–2013)

Member of Scientific Committee for international Communicating (by) Design (artistic research) conferences, Sint Lucas, Brussels (2009-2013)

Assessment, interviewing and selection of applicants for two Masters programmes in Experience Design, and Curatorial Practice and Critical Writing at Konstfack.

Co-initiator and co-editor of 4 collections of interdisciplinary essays (see publication list).

Supervision of PhD candidates:

KTH School of Architecture, Stockholm, Sweden, Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, KU Leuven, Belgium, Stockholm University of the Arts, Sweden 

 I have completed a course in research supervision for professors offered by the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Examination by ongoing continual assessment, written assignments, presentations. I passed (2010).

Graduated PhD students: Co-supervised (with Jerker Lundeqvist) Katja Grillner (School of Architecture, KTH: graduated 2000). Co-supervised (with Katja Grillner) Malin Zimm (School of Architecture, KTH: graduated 2005). Co-supervised (with Katja Grillner) Katarina Bonnevier (School of Architecture, KTH; graduated 2007). Co-supervised (with Lars Marcus) Daniel Koch (School of Architecture, KTH; graduated 2007). Co-supervised Martin Avilia (HDK/Konsfack); graduated 2012. Co-supervisor of Sepideh Karami (Umeå School of Architecture), graduated 2018. Main supervisor of Thierry Lagrange (graduated 2013, Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, KU Leuven), Robin Schaeverbeke (graduated 2016, Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, KU Leuven), Alex Nowitz  (Opera/Voice, graduated 27 February 2019), Jonathan Priest (Circus, graduated 1 March 2019); co-supervisor for Carolina Jinde (Radio/Voice, due 2020) – Stockholm University of the Arts.

As examiner: External examiner for Pawel Szychalski’s licentitate thesis (supervised by Professor Lars-Henrik Ståhl and Professor Michael Biggs) on "the role of gesture" in Frank O. Gehry’s work at the School of Architecture, Lund Institute of Technology (Sweden). External examiner for Bradley Stark’s Ph.D. thesis Post-Secular Architecture: A Design-led Investigation into the Integration of the Spiritual in Models of Thought and Models of Architecture supervised by Professor Jonathan Hill (Bartlett School of Architecture, University of London, November 2008). Main examiner for Pavlina Lucas (“The Photographic Absolute”, supervised by Professor Halina Dunin-Woyseth and Professor Per Olof Fjeld, AHO, Oslo. December 2013). Main examiner for Gwyn Lloyd Jones (supervised by Professor Murray Frazer, Bartlett, University of London, December 2013). External examiner for Anne Katrine Hougaard, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. Member of PhD examination committee for Robin Schaeverbeke (graduated 2016, Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, KU Leuven). External (main) examiner for Pavlina Lucas (photography, creative practice), Oslo School of Architecture (graduated 2014). External (main) examiner for Annelies de Smets (transdisciplinary creative practice), KU Leuven (graduated 2018).

Supervisor/guest tutor for the Summer Academy Artistic Research(involving artistic research PhD candidates from across the Nordic countries and artistic disciplines): Inter Arts Centre, Lund University, Malmö August 2018.                                                 

Research grants (recent selection of awarded grants)

Co-applicant and senior researcher (with Katja Grillner and Tim Anstey) on project funded by Vetenskapsrådet (the National Research Council) on Architecture and Authorship (2003-2005) 4.5 million SEK.

Principle investigator, senior researcher and project leader (with Pablo Miranda Carranza) on design-led research project funded by Vetenskapsrådet (the National Research Council) on Auto-poiesis and design: authorship and generative strategies (2005-2007). 1.7 million SEK.

Co-applicant and senior researcher (with Katja Grillner) on project funded by Vetenskapsrådet (the National Research Council) on The Poetics of Critical Writing (2008-2009). 1 million SEK.

Co-applicant (with Carol Tishelman, Professor of Innovative Nursing at Karolinska/Stockholm Sjukhem/Palliative Care hospital) for research grant “Designing sensory experience in end-of-life patient care: transdisciplinary interventions”. The application was awarded (2012) an initial sum of 550 000 SEK by Pick Up projektmedel (KI/Stockholms läns landstig). The project continues to this day.

KU Project application From Form to Transformation: Experience and Exposition in Artistic Research awarded funding (50 000 SEK) by Konstfack KU board (2012). The project examines the challenges of documenting artistic research, and particularly how far existing forms of research publication and dissemination delimit the ambitions of artistic research and the subsequent application of its results. A chapter was published in an international, peer-reviewed collection of essays on Exposition in Artistic Research edited by Henk Borgdorff and Michael Schwab (University of Leiden, 2012).

As I have been serving on the Swedish Research Council’s artistic research committee 2010-2014, I have been ineligible for applying for funding Council during this period. In addition, from 2014-2016 as Head of Research at Stockholm University of the Arts I was asked not to make research applications during this period.