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Personal Extenuating Circumstances

Your Wellbeing

We provide excellent support services while you study with us and are here to help if you need information or advice.

The Students' Union runs the Student Advice Centre and the University has a Wellbeing Centre, both of which offer advice and support to current students.

The School has a dedicated student support manager, Kelly Weightman (Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator: Student Support). Kelly offers support to students experiencing particular issues which are affecting their performance whilst at University. You can discuss confidential problems with Kelly and receive relevant support and advice. Kelly will also offer guidance about other University services which may benefit you depending on the circumstances. 

Personal Extenuating Circumstances (PEC)

Students who believe that their performance in assessment or examination has been significantly affected by personal extenuating circumstances should inform the School of the particular circumstances and the impact on performance. This is done by completing a Personal and Extenuating Circumstances (PEC) form. Details about the process, and information about how to get help, can be found in the documents below.