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Iddrisu Yakubu

The Proliferation of Shopping Malls and its Impact on Existing Retail Outlets in Accra, Ghana

Sub-Saharan African primate cities are at cross-roads between modernity and traditional ambivalence. The pursuit of neo-liberal policies aimed at creating competitive cities at the global stage meant the emergence of new urban form and urbanism. As an emerging frontier of Foreign Direct Investment in the real estate sector, Africa's major cities are becoming inundated with high-class residential and commercial properties, such as gated communities and shopping malls. However, the effects of these luxurious developments have been under-theorised and not well understood. This study focuses on the proliferation of shopping malls in Ghana's capital city, Accra to understand how they impact on existing and traditional retail forms. It uses a mixed-method strategy to achieve the following key objectives:

  1. Examine the shopping behaviour of consumers with the emergence of shopping malls.
  2. Examine the trading impacts of shopping malls on the traditional retail system.
  3. Examine the resilience of traditional retailers in the context of the changing retail environment.