School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape

Student Support

Student Support

We support you from pre-arrival to after graduation, both with your studies and University life.

While you are here

The University has a dedicated Wellbeing Centre which offers advice and support to all students. 

Supporting your studies

Once you are at Newcastle we will support you with:

  • first-class, award-winning academic facilities 
  • access to our award-winning Careers Service
  • a comprehensive student support network
  • for our postgraduate students, tailored supervision, which exists as a link on a personal basis between you and the University

Parenting scheme

The School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape runs a Parenting scheme for new students joining the School.

The Scheme aims to help you adapt to student life and get the most out of your time at Newcastle University by putting you in contact with current undergraduate students who can share their knowledge and experiences.

For students acting as a parent it's a great opportunity to gain experience and develop a range of key skills that employers look for, including:

  • communication and presentation skills
  • organisation and time planning skills
  • working with people from a range of different backgrounds

Student Recruitment and Wellbeing Manager

The School has a dedicated Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator (Student Support), Kelly Weightman. Kelly offers support to students experiencing particular issues that are affecting their performance whilst at University.

Students can discuss confidential problems with Kelly and receive relevant support and advice. Kelly will also offer students guidance about other University services that may benefit them depending on the circumstances.

International students

Our staff work in a number of different countries and our internationally focused and recognised research explores the current critical issues affecting countries around the world. Additionally, we enjoy links with a number of other internationally renowned institutions in many countries.

We have a Director of Internationalisation, Dr Josep-Maria Garcia-Fuentes, who acts as the first point of contact for supporting students from outside the UK both pre and post arrival. We also have a team of staff who understand the needs and worries of international students. Our internationally diverse student cohorts mean that international students will always find friends from their own countries or elsewhere and have a truly international experience with us.

You may also find the University’s International webpages of interest.

When you leave

When you graduate you will become part of a global community of Newcastle University graduates - we keep in touch with over 60,000 members in 136 countries through our Alumni Association

You can also use the University's award-winning Careers Service for up to two years after graduation to help you in the early stages of your career.