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Applying for Architecture and Urban Planning

Applying for Architecture and Urban Planning

Discover everything you need to know about applying for our Architecture and Urban Planning course.

Writing your personal statement

Our top tips for writing your Architecture & Urban Planning personal statement: 

  • Explain why you are interested in Architecture and the built environment
  • Tell us about an architect/building/area that you like and why you like it/them
  • Detail any relevant work experience you might have had and what you enjoyed about it
  • Use simple and clear language

What happens next

Once we receive your application, we will email you to ask you to send us a digital portfolio. Our inspection of your work is a very important part of the selection process.

Once we receive your portfolio, it is forwarded to the selector for Architecture & Urban Planning to review. If your portfolio is successful, an offer will be sent to UCAS which will also include appropriate Academic and English Language requirements. If your portfolio is unsatisfactory, an unsuccessful decision will be sent to UCAS.


Our innovative BA Hons Architecture and Urban Planning degree places emphasis on the idea of ‘alternative practice’ inspired by the work of architects and planners whose approach aims to encourage people to actively participate in the design of their environment. We look for students with good design potential coupled with an awareness of the environment around them, an understanding of how this can influence human behaviour and the changing relationship between the two.

Because of the emphasis on design and innovative thinking, we ask you to provide us with a portfolio of work consisting of: 3 – 5 images of buildings or urban spaces which catch your interest. The images can be sketches, drawings or photographs. They can be of separate buildings/urban spaces, or you may choose to concentrate on one building or urban space. Please also include a short paragraph explaining your interest in the images chosen.

We recommend that the images and text are placed into a presentation-style document, such as MS Powerpoint, Google Slides or similar and then saving/downloading as a PDF file.