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Staff Career Development

Staff Career Development

These examples of best practice in career development for staff have been taken from departmental applications.

For more information contact the School or Institute directly.

Committee representatives

School of Biology

Exploring the use of deputies for Committees to avoid over burdening academic staff and support junior staff to develop skills and raise their profile within the University.  

Award: bronze award (2015)
Contact: Alison Graham

Support for promotion

School of Chemistry

Dedicated mentoring and support available from two senior members of staff with experience of sitting on the Faculty’s Promotion Committee. The availability of this support is actively promoted through the School website and newsletter.  

Award: bronze award (2015)
Contact: Christine Bleasdale

Research Associate Forum

School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

The establishment of a Research Associate Forum to provide an opportunity for research staff to informally meet, network and discuss career development. A clear line of communication has been established with the School Management Team to support activities.   

Award: bronze award (2014)
Contact: Rachel Gaulton

Career Research Fellowships

School of Computing Science

The introduction of a new Career Research Fellowship scheme to enable female researchers  to fast track an academic research career. The fellows will receive funding, mentoring and assistance over a period of five years, before progressing to a lectureship post. The aim is support young female academics to establish a career which is robust to possible interruptions such as maternity leave.

Award: bronze award (2015)
Contact: Marta Pietkiewicz-Koutny

Women's Promotions Champion

Institute for Cell and Molecular Bioscience

The Women’s Promotions Champion considers all female academic staff as to their readiness for promotion and if they should be encouraged to apply.

Award: bronze award (2014)
Contact: Janet Quinn

Funding for alternative research funding

Institute of Genetic Medicine (IGM)

IGM identified that there are lower numbers of female applicants and lower success rates for women applying for external fellowships, compared with men. Recognising that this remains a major issue within the Institute they have begun to address this by finding alternative research funding for women who had unsuccessful fellowship applications. This has proved very successful and funded these trainees to gain their PhD and build their publications.

Award: bronze award (2013)
Contact: Helen Arthur

Career development seminars

Institute of Genetic Medicine (IGM)

IGM’s Career Development Advisory Group organises career development seminars, with the aim of supporting ECRs to explore different career opportunities. Inspirational speakers both within and outside of academia discuss a range of career pathways.

Award: bronze award (2013)
Contact: Helen Arthur

Fellowship Co-ordinator

Institute of Neuroscience

The post of Fellowship Co-ordinator was created to help identify potential fellowship candidates and steer them towards the Faculty Fellowship Scheme.

Award: silver award (2014)
Contact: Candy Rowe