Athena SWAN

Organisation and Culture

Organisation and Culture

These examples of best practice in organisation and culture have been taken from departmental applications.

For more information contact the School or Institute directly.

Coffee mornings

School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

The School sponsors a weekly coffee morning for all staff, providing an opportunity to informally discuss teaching and research issues. The coffee mornings also provide staff with the opportunity to exchange news and progress on Athena SWAN activities.

Award: bronze award (2015)
Contact: Jarka Glassey

Institute of Neuroscience

The Institute held themed coffee mornings open to all staff to look at issues such as parenting or flexible working to disseminate information, find out what issues staff had and engage people into the Athena SWAN process 

Award: silver award (2014)
Contact: Candy Rowe

External speakers

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

A commitment to review the gender balance of invited speakers, and actively seek positive female role models to speak at future events to promote the contribution of women in engineering.

Award: bronze award (2015)
Contact: Jon Goss

Generating an open, family friendly culture

Institute for Health and Society

Monthly celebration of birthdays and starting staff meetings with good news such as births, marriages, new starters, funding and publication success

Award: silver award (2014)
Contact: Judith Rankin

Family friendly seminar times

Institute for Cell and Molecular Bioscience

Moved the seminar series from 4pm to 1pm to make it easier for members with family and other commitments to attend

Award: bronze award (2014)
Contact: Joanna Keith

Staff information pack

School of Marine Science and Technology

A commitment to produce and circulate an information pack to new and existing staff on family friendly policies and flexible working arrangements.  

Award: bronze award (2015)
Contact: Paul Stott

Social events

School of Mathematics and Statistics

The School has provided funding for Women in Mathematics lunches, which are open to all female staff and postgraduate students. Previous sessions have included discussions on communication strategies, imposter syndrome and stereotype threat. 

Award: bronze application in preparation.
Contact: Tamara Rogers