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Staff Recruitment

Staff Recruitment

These examples of best practice in staff recruitment have been taken from departmental applications.

For more information contact the School or Institute directly.

Use of headhunters

School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development

Consideration of the use of recruitment consultants in order to identify talent and encourage a balanced proportion of male and female applicants to academic job vacancies.

Award: bronze award (2014)
Contact: Sharron Kuzensof

Gender balance on recruitment panels

School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

A commitment to monitor the gender balance of selection panels, applicants, shortlisted candidates and appointees across the whole School.

Award: bronze award (2016)
Contact: James Annesley

Promoting female role models

School of Dental Sciences

The School of Dental Sciences use some of the excellent female role models on their website, showcasing some of the women who have been supported in balancing their career with other roles and including more information about managing academic careers with family life.

Award: bronze award (2014)
Contact: Paula Waterhouse

Support for Fellowships

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

A commitment to host a Daphne Jackson Fellowship; providing funding, mentoring and skills training following a career break.  Although the Fellowship is not aimed exclusively at females, the scheme typically attracts women returning from maternity leave or an extended break to care for a young family. Hosting a Daphne Jackson Fellowship will also help to promote the School as a positive and supportive place to work. 

Award: bronze award (2015)
Contact: Jon Goss

Ensuring fairness

Institute of Neuroscience

In the Institute of Neuroscience the Director writes to remind all search committee members that nominations for women are particularly encouraged and search committees are required to have at least one woman. A Working Group reviews the wording of job adverts, job description and further particulars.

Award: silver award (2014)
Contact: Candy Rowe

Encouraging women to apply for jobs

Northern Institute for Cancer Research (NICR)

NICR introduced a ‘Working for NICR’ page on the internet to encourage more women to apply. This included details of our family-friendly policies, including recently implemented baby-changing facilities for those visiting on Keeping in Touch days for example, as well details of flexible working options.

Award: silver award (2014)
Contact: Nicola Curtin