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Student Recruitment

Student Recruitment

These examples of best practice in student recruitment have been taken from departmental applications.

For more information contact the School or Institute directly.

Outreach and engagement

Institute of Neuroscience (IoN)

The Institute employs a full time External Liaison Coordinator and invests in Outreach training for PGRs through a successful IoN Ambassador programme. The Institute actively engages with schools and helps them with science projects and speak at careers events. 

Award: silver (2014)
Contact: Candy Rowe

School of Computing

An extensive outreach programme in partnership with the British Computing Science and local schools; offering workshops and attendance at career days. The School also supports local events that reach various media to attract more girls to study computing.

Award: bronze (2015)
Contact: Marta Pietkiewicz-Koutny

Open Days

School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

Increased visibility of female staff and students at Open Days has helped to promote the School as a positive and inclusive place to study. This action has resulted in an increase in female Undergraduate students.

Award: bronze (2014)
Contact: Rachel Gaulton

Undergraduate scholarships

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

A commitment to fund five Undergraduate scholarships to encourage talented female applicants. These scholars will act as ambassadors for the School in promoting women in engineering.

Award: bronze (2015)
Contact: Jon Goss

Contacting female applicants

School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering

The participation of female Undergraduate students in a pilot scheme aimed at improving gender equality. As part of the scheme, volunteers telephoned female student applicants and answered questions on what it is like to study Mechanical Engineering at Newcastle University. The offer to acceptance rate for female students increased as a result of this scheme.

Award: bronze application in development
Contact: Susan Scholes

Encouraging male applicants in humanities and social sciences

School of English Language, Literature and Linguistics

A commitment to set up a system for current UG male students to contact male applicants to talk through the applicant's plans and offer insights into their experience in the School.

Award: bronze award (2016)

Contact: James Annesley