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Student Support

Student Support

These examples of best practice in student support have been taken from departmental applications.

For more information contact the School or Institute directly.

Buddying system

School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials

The operation of an informal 'buddy' system to provide research students with the opportunity to work alongside more experienced staff. The scheme promotes discussion on identifying funding opportunities, writing research proposals and academic papers. 

Award: bronze award (2015)
Contact: Jarka Glassey

Use of social space

School of Chemistry

The opening of a social space within the School to encourage interaction between female staff and students at all levels and reduce feelings of isolation.  

Award: bronze award (2015)
Contact: Christine Bleasdale

Women’s Engineering Network

This example is taken from the schools of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (bronze award 2015) and Mechanical and Systems Engineering (bronze application in development).

Establishing a cross-Faculty peer support network for female students in engineering. The aim is to create a forum for informal mentoring, guidance, advice and support in academic subjects with traditionally low female representation.   

Contacts: Liane Brierley or Susan Lawson

Training opportunities for students

The Institute for Cell and Molecular Bioscience

Investing resource to provide developmental training usually available only to female staff to our female PhD students

Award: bronze award (2014)
Contact: Joanna Keith

Postgraduate Student Committee

Institute for Cellular Medicine (ICM)

ICM provides £500 annually to its postgraduate student committee. This group has played a vital role in providing support to all students by enabling networking opportunities, making contacts and sharing experiences to help them consider the transition to an academic career

Award: silver award (2012)
Contact: Simi Ali

Vacation scholarships

Northern Institute for Cancer Research (NICR)

PIs in the NICR offer laboratory-based summer vacation scholarships for undergraduates to allow them to gain experience and strengthen their CVs

Award: silver award (2014)
Contact: Nicola Curtin