Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing Technology Centre



Research in biopharmaceutical development involves the use of laboratory and pilot plant facilities.

Our facilities allow the selection of potential organisms and assessment of their behaviour as bioreaction operating scale increases.

We're able to identify the route for the recovery of the products that they produce.

Measurement and analysis is a foundation capability that bioprocess improvements are built on.


Many of our projects are partnerships with industrial collaborators. They make direct use of the results from industrial laboratory to production scale operation.

In these cases, we provide the infrastructure to analyse the data. We offer state-of-the-art statistical software tools.

Sometimes opportunities arise in these projects to exploit the latest measurement technology. Partnering with instrumentation providers allows a rich source of bioprocess data to be acquired. This results in greater insight into process behaviour.

Working with centres of excellence

We work beyond the laboratory scale by working closely with the North East regional centres of excellence. These are the Centre for Excellence in Life Sciences (CELS), and Centre for Process Innovation (CPI).

In particular, the National Industrial Biotechnology Facility at CPI provides the bridge between University-based research and industrial end-use.

Engineering Doctoral Training programme

The researchers within the Engineering Doctoral Training programme have access to state-of-the-art instrumentation.

This gives maximum insight into biosystems behaviour. It provides the depth of understanding that Quality by Design demands.

Analysis tools

We have access to a broad range of analysis tools. This is available through links established the Institute for Sustainability and North East Stem Cell Institute.

The North East Proteome Analysis Facility provides access to equipment to our researchers. They provide an analysis facility for industrial collaborators.


A new laboratory facility has been developed in the School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials.

This is used for training Engineering Doctorate students and industrial continuing professional development.

This gives access to the latest instrumentation implemented on pilot scale bioprocess systems.