Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing Technology Centre


BBTC Impact

Shaping the future of the processing industry by educating future leaders

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The BBTC set off to educate students fit for a career in industry and to tackle some of the major challenges in the (bio)processing industry. We aimed to:

  • Deliver graduate training designed to create interdisciplinary awareness and multidisciplinary expertise
  • Build collaboration with leading UK-based companies and emerging SMEs
  • Develop leading edge research resulting in strong IP positions

Impact on Industry

Over the last 10 years we worked with 32 companies on almost 50 research projects.

The BBTC researchers left a lasting effect at their host company by:

  • helping to improve processes and increase product quality.
  • influencing technical standards and protocols in the industry
  • impacting business performance leading to financial benefits
  • having an impact on the environment or society by reducing pollution and making products more affordable

Originally focussing on the pharma and consumable industries over time we started working with other processing industries. Our approach stayed the same: understand, measure, model, interpret and hence manipulate the biological and/or process system.

Academic Impact

All BBTC projects are distinguished by their industrial relevance. The overall aim is to improve and simplify processes and product quality by better understanding the process making use of underlying data and by introducing inline control tools. This led to significant advances in understanding, method, theory and application mirrored in a range of specialist scientific publications.

Impact on Students

All of our students found employment in a relevant position. They are working as engineer, scientist, manager or knowledge transfer experts in the (bio)process industries or higher education institutions. Read more.