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Enthusing others

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School Outreach

Our students helped out at science fairs like the British Science Festival and the Big Bang Fair and took part in open days at Newcastle University or their host company. Many signed up as STEM ambassador with the STEM Learning charity and carried out school visits teaching pupils in a playful way. Others hosted work experience students to give them insight in the work life of an engineer or scientist. Here are some examples:

  • Angela demonstrated the science of food explaining how popcorn is made, how yeast works, that red cabbage can be used to measure pH and what makes pop candies pop
  • Antonia, Chris and Elspeth worked at the British Science Festival and interviewed pupils about their favourite experiment
  • Nicholas let kids play a game of battleship with his TECAN, a liquid handling robot he used for his work, to make them understand script based programming

General Outreach

Some students went inventive ways and generated Facebook pages and YouTube channels to raise interest in and inform about the biopharmaceutical sector. Elspeth cofounded {react} a Newcastle University student run STEM magazine for which a few other BBTC students contributed to as author. Richard set up a Sustainability Resource Guide, available as a Newcastle University library resource, a subject close to his research.

Business Competitions

BBTC students took regularly part in EngineeringYES a business competition run by Nottingham University. 2015 saw a neck-to-neck race in the final heat between the 2 BBTC teams Synergen and Phytofuel with Synergen being the overall winner and winner of the Best IP prize and Phytofuel being the runner up. In 2013 the BBTC team EcOil was the national winner and EngiNUity won the Elevator Pitch Prize in their Regional Heat.

ThermoLastics a cross disciplinary team won the Newcastle University/ EPSRC Action 2013 business competition. These competitions gave our students the opportunity to prove their ability to use their skills and knowledge to tackle a commercial challenge.