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Working with Industry

Working with Industry

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Even though the BBTC came to an end in April 2019, the expertise is still present at Newcastle University and the academics involved in the centre are welcoming to work with industry. Get inspired by the BBTC projects and by which companies we work with.

To explore opportunities for collaborations get in touch directly with the academics or with our dedicated Enterprise Team. The Enterprise Team can help you with advice on the best way for your company to work with us. Below are some ways to interact with Newcastle University.

Ways to Work with Us

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP):

KTPs are collaborations between companies and academia enabling the company to bring in new skills and the latest academic thinking, and allowing academics to apply their research in real business environment.

Partnering Opportunities:

Newcastle University attracts several million pounds by partnering with a range of private and public sector organisations to bid for collaborative projects. We attract funding from a range of public sector sources, charities and private bodies e.g. Innovate UK, EU, UK Research Councils.

Student projects:

There is a variety of student projects you can get involved in. These projects can be a great opportunity to start a long lasting research relationship with us.

  • Master projects: our MEng and MSc students undertake a research project at the end of their course. Offering industry projects is a great opportunity for the students to gain real life experience and a great way for the company to get a taste for the quality of our students. Master projects are usually lasting 3 to 4 months and start in spring or early summer.
  • Industrial Placement: As one of only a few Universities in the UK Chemical Engineering offers a 4 year MEng with Industry accredited by IChemE. Students spend a full year in the company being a full member of the team. We are happy to discuss potential projects with companies.
  • CASE studentships: CASE studentships are standalone industrial doctorates funded partly by Research Councils UK. As the BBTC projects, this is a great way to work with us on projects ion the interface of industrial application and academia.

Contract Research:

We offer the opportunity to conduct small contract research projects for companies. Newcastle University offers a special funding scheme for SMEs in the North East called Arrow.


Consultancies are another way to interact with us in the short term. We offer an efficient, confidential, commercial focussed service, which can cover everything from technical advice and analytical services to practical problem solving. As part of the consultancy offer we provide access to our high specification equipment.