Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing Technology Centre



Our research builds on your existing skills using the latest scientific and engineering techniques.

Industrial process tank

Our inter-disciplinary research philosophy aims to evolve techniques to more rapidly progress biopharmaceutical products through the development chain.

Research output

Our research output is a growing set of tools and strategies:

  • analytical
  • cell engineering bioprocessing
  • biosystems understanding
  • whole bioprocess design

All this results in a greater depth of understanding. This enables the biopharmaceutical development process to be done in a more efficient manner.

Overcoming limitations

A commonly encountered limitation is a difficulty in communication at the interfaces of:

  • biosystems development
  • scale-up engineering
  • engineering and development of downstream processing capabilities

This can be due to a lack of, insufficient, or inherent difficulties in communication.

This limitation can lead to the application of tools in isolation of fundamental bioscience and engineering. This results in sub-optimal solutions that lack clarity and robustness.