Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing Technology Centre



Our research builds on your existing skills using the latest scientific and engineering techniques.

Industrial process tank

Bioprocess development can be described as data rich and information poor. Analysing datasets from previous processes and combining these with fundamental scientific and engineering knowledge can help predicting processes and optimising procedures. The BBTC combined Newcastle University’s expertise in data analysis, bioprocessing and molecular biology to tackle a fundamental industrial challenge: to move from laboratory scale through to production.

Our research implemented Quality by Design (QbD) embracing the following elements:

  • Information sources: dealing with data storage, accessibility and pre-processing to allow easy interpretation by the operator
  • Systems analysis and representation: identifying patterns to analyse and develop processes
  • Enhanced development and operation: developing tools which make use of the data in process control and development

All EngD projects aimed to introduce improvements against commercial drivers in their host company by applying techniques on the intersection of academia and industry.