Biopharmaceutical Bioprocessing Technology Centre


Professor Adam Harvey

Professor of Process Intensification


Roles and Responsibilities

1. Head of Process Intensification Group (PIG), since 2006

2. Manager (with David Reay) of the international Process Intensification Network (PIN)

3. Director of the BBTC (Biopharmaceutical and Bioprocessing Technology Centre), an EPSRC Engineering Doctorate Centre


1990-1994: MEng Chemical Engineering (1st), University of Cambridge

1994-1998: PhD "Oxidative Storage and Reductive release of Sulphur Compounds on Catalytic Converters", University of Edinrburgh

Honours and Awards

  • 2011: Chair of European Process Intensification Conference (EPIC 3) 
  • 2008: IChemE Brennan Medal (for "Process Intensification" textbook)
  • 2005 - 2008: Exxon Mobil Teaching Fellow
  • 2002: IChemE Junior Moulton Medal 

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Prof Harvey's research lies broadly under the heading of Process Intensification, in particular:

1. Oscillatory Baffled Reactors ("OBRs"):

(i) Design and scale-up: mass transfer; RTDs; heat transfer; solids suspension

(ii) Applications: epoxidation; saponification; lubricants; sustainable chemicals

(iii) Flow chemistry/process development: various applications; dynamic, multivariable

(iv) OBRs as bioreactors: biobutanol; bioethanol; microalgae; anaerobic digestion

2. Biofuels:

(I) Mainly biodiesel: conversion to continuous processing; production directly from oilseeds ("reactive extraction") for numerous feedstocks (jatropha; microalgae; pongamia); glycerol chemistry; in situ by-product conversion; heterogeneous catalyst development

(ii) Biobutanol: in situ product recovery; conversion to processing in OBRs

(iii) Bioethanol: simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of cellulose

(iv) Fuels from microalgae: cracking; in situ reactive extraction; foam floatation; ozonolysis

3. Carbon dioxide chemistry:

Process development for conversion of waste terpenes into monomers using

4. New reactor designs :

(I) microfluidic oscillators: design study (3d printing)

(ii) Helical reactors

(ii) The heat pipe reactor: novel reactor, first publication 2018. Uses isothermalisation and process screening.

Research Projects:

  1. Combustion Emission Reduction, Northern Accelerator, 2019 -
  2. Plasma Catalysis, Catalysis Research Hub Award, 2019 -
  3. Impact Acceleration Award "Combustion Particulate Mitigation Device", 2017-18 EPSRC: £75k
  4. Process Intensification in the Water industry, UKWIR, 2014  : £30k
  5. Sustainable Polymers, EPSRC, 2014 - : £560k 
  6. Supergen Bioenergy, EPSRC,  2013 - 2018: £290k
  7. RenewX, EU, 2013 - 2017 : £310k
  8. Cleaning Land for Wealth, EPSRC, 2013 - 2017 : £400k
  9. Optitherm: Optimisation Waste Heat Recovery, EPSRC, 2009 - 2013: £180k
  10. Designer Catalysts for Biodiesel Production, EPSRC, 2008 - 2012: £91k
  11. Direct Production of Biodiesel from Non-edible Oilseeds, UKIERI, 2009-2011: £105k
  12. Water-tolerant Extraction of Algal Biofuels, Carbon Trust, 2010-2011: £340k
  13. Adaptive processing of Natural Feedstocks, EPSRC, 2008-2010: £229k
  14. Project Pulse, TSB, 2010: £37k
  15. ABC, DEFRA, 2009 - 2011: £75k
  16. Yoghurt Processing, FPKTN, 2009: £4k
  17. Evolvable Process Design, EPSRC, 2008-2011: £329k
  18. Bioproduction, EU, 2006-2011: £180k

Prof Harvey's profile can be viewed at Google Scholar


Research Students:

  1. Prayoon Enmak "Development of Foam Columns for Microalgae Concentration", 2018-
  2. Usman Dahiru "Plasma Treatment of VOCs" 2018 -
  3. Zakaria Adejoh "A Plasma Device for REduction of Combustion Particulates" 2017 -
  4. Akmal Rahim "Developemnt of a Continuous Epoxidation Process" 2017 -
  5. Ibrahim Mohammed "In Situ production of Polyglycerol in the Biodiesel Reaction" 2017 -
  6. James Hockaday (2nd) "Cleaning up Metal Contamination of Waterways using Algae", 2016 -
  7. Faisal Saleem "Plasma TReatment of Gasification Tars"
  8. Luma Al-Saadi "Intensification of Bidiesel Production", Iraqi Govt, 2015 -
  9. Faisal Saleem "Plasma Treatment of Biomass Gasification Tars", Pakistan Govt., 2015 -
  10. Abdul Rehman "Intensification of Cyclic Carbonisation", Pakistan Govt, 2015 -
  11. Faiz Resul "Intensification of Epoxidation of Naturally Occurring Alkenes", Malay. Govt, 2015 -
  12. Ahmed Al Hatrooshi "Marine Biorefinery", Omani Govt, 2014 -




  1. 2018 Safaa Ahmed "Development of Scale-up Rules for Various Designs of OBR"
  2. 2018 Victoria Outram "In Situ Product Recovery of Butanol from the ABE Fermentation"
  3. 2018 Akeem Babatunde "In situ Transesterification of Rapeseed for Production of Biodiesel and Secondary Products"
  4. 2018 Auwal Aliyu "Thermal Cracking of Microalgaes"
  5. 2017 Jonathan McDonough "Process Development using Oscillatory Baffled Mesoreactors"
  6. 2016 Ahmad Mustaffar "Foams and Phase Change Materials"
  7. 2016 Matthew Abbot "OBRs as Bioreactors"
  8. 2015 Kamoru Salam "Reactive Extraction of Algae"
  9. 2014 Richard Law "Optimising Waste Heat Usage in the Chemical Industries"
  10. 2014 Fatimah Mohd Rasdi "Rapid Process Screening using Mesoscale OBRs"
  11. 2014 Valentine Eze, Screening Heterogeneous Catalysts using Mesoscale OBRs
  12. 2013 Nasratun Masngut, Intensification of Biobutanol production using OBRs
  13. 2012 Tri Handayani, Use of Organic Rankine Cycles with Low-grade Waste Heat
  14. 2012 Joseph Ikwebe, SSF Bioethanol Production using OBRs"
  15. 2012 Farizul Kasim, Reactive Extraction of Biodiesel from Jatropha"
  16. 2012 Elizabeth Eterigho, Development of Vegetable Oil Cracking Catalysts
  17. 2012 Hafizuddin Wan Yusof, Ion Exchange Resins as Catalysts for Biodiesel Production
  18. 2011 Claudia Troger, Bioreactions in OBRs
  19. 2010 Rabitah Zakaria, Reactive Extraction of Oilseeds
  20. 2008 Clare MacLeod, Metal Oxide Catalysts for Biodiesel Production  







Module Leader for:

1. Process Intensification (CME8107/8125)

2. MEng Research Project (CME8117)