Newcastle Biobanks

Sample Access

Sample Access

Newcastle has many biobanks which researchers can use to access human samples for research.

Newcastle Biobank (formerly the Newcastle Academic Health Partners Bioresource -NAPHB) is the University’s generic research tissue bank. The Newcastle Biobank has many collections in all disease areas but researchers can also use the ethics to collect new samples to establish a collection for future research.  

Researchers can apply to:

  • use samples already stored in the biobank 
  • establish a collection of tissues for use in future research 


Applications to Newcastle Biobank

You can apply to the Newcastle Biobank to use the ethics to start a collection of tissue for future research or to use samples already held in the Newcastle Biobank.

When we receive your applications we assess them to ensure they are an appropriate use of the ethics.

Applications are then sent to members of our Access Committee. Our panel consists of academic researchers and lay members. 

We aim to review your project and give your approval within three weeks of receiving your application.