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Professor Christopher Ward

Professor of Respiratory Physiology



I am a member of the Respiratory Medicine Research Group


  • Modelling of COVID-19 using human epithelial models
  • Injury and remodelling in airways disease
  • Integrative pathophysiology in translational research


Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand Victorian Young Investigator Award

European Respiratory Society Long Term Research Fellow

European Respiratory Society Asthma and Allergy Research Award

European Respiratory Society Lung Transplant Research Prize (X2 to my students)


European Respiratory Society Research Fellow

MRC Project grant

MRC Clinical Fellowship (Supervisor)


TSB/Innovate UK

Industrial collaboration 


  1.     OUTLINE

     My primary interest is in patho-physiological changes in the human lung as denoted by bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) and biopsy techniques. My commitment is to patho-physiological studies in translational human research, integrating this into teaching.


External: Prof. E Haydn Walters, University of Tasmania. Dr Bob Rutherford University of Galway. Dr Des Murphy Cork University, Dr Jacky Smith University of Manchester.

Internal: Prof Jeff Pearson ICaMB, Prof. Mike Griffin (RVI Newcastle), Prof Janet Wilson (Freeman Hospital) Dr Stephen Bourke and Simon Doe, Adult CF Unit RVI Newcastle, Dr Bernard Verdon and Mr Rhys JonesRespiratory researchers in Newcastle: 

  3.     GRANTS (current and major finished ones)

Pilot trial of anti reflux therapy in IPF Type : Project Grant

Provider : British Lung Foundation Amount in EURO : 180,000 Year : 2013-2015.

Aerodigestive injury in IPF and CF. Type : Fellowship.

Provider : MRC/Technology Strategy Board. Amount in EURO : 200,000 Year : 2012-2014

Aspiration injury in bronchiectasis. Type: ERS Fellowship Dr Friel. Provider : ERS

Amount in EURO : 30,000 Year : 2013.

Aspiration injury in bronchiectasis. Type: Fellowship Dr Friel, following and due to previous ERS award

Provider : Irish Health Research Board Amount in EURO : 400,000 Year : 2013-2017

STRATEGIC RESEARCH CENTRE GRANT INOVCF-Innovative non-CFTR Approaches for Cystic Fibrosis Therapy. Co-I. Provider CF Trust Amount in EURO: 910,000 Year: 2014-2018

'Mucus permeating nanoparticulate drug delivery systems' Project Alexander EU FP7. €15.5 million (Co-I with Prof JP Pearson, Newcastle University split €830,000)

Azithromycin therapy  in BOS. Type : Project grant. Provider : MRC Amount in EURO : 600,000 Year : 2006-2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       4. PROJECTS

Primary culture to model airway injury in Respiratory Medicine

Aerodigestive biology in Respiratory Medicine

Azithromycin therapy in Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome post lung transplantation, with clinical lead Prof. Paul Corris

Esteem Indicators

Academic activities

h index 53 Google Scholar

Faculty 1000Prime publication: Effects of long-term low-dose azithromycin in patients with non-CF bronchiectasis. Anwar GABourke SCAfolabi GMiddleton PWard CRutherford RM. Respir Med. 2008 Oct; 102(10):1494-6

. Reviewer for Medical Research Council
. Reviewer for National Health and Medical Research Council Australia
. Reviewer for Action Research UK

. Reviewer for Swiss National Science Foundation

. Reviewer for European Respiratory Journal
. Reviewer for Thorax
. Reviewer for American Thoracic Society Journals
. Reviewer for Respiratory Research (European 'open access)
. Reviewer for European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Selected speaking engagements
. Invited speaker: BAL task force meeting (satellite of the European Respiratory Society meeting) 1996
. Invited speaker: BAL task force meeting 1997
. Invited speaker: BAL task force meeting 1998
. Invited speaker: Australian Defense Services and Training Organisation: Response of the lung to injury 1999
. Invited speaker: Determinants and targets in progressive airways disease: Remodelling, fibrosis and angiogenesis Melbourne 2000
. Sentinel presentation Airway remodelling in asthma. British Thoracic Society. Dec 2000.
(Cited in Highlights of the British Thoracic Society Winter Meeting 2000. L Hosking, D Thickett Thorax 2001;56:412–414 412).
. European Respiratory Society Airway epithelial workshop, Paris 2003, Invited participant.
. European Respiratory Society Airway smooth muscle pathogenesis workshop, Gothenburg 2004.
. Invited speaker European Respiratory Society Annual conference Glasgow 2004. Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome, new tools.
. Invited speaker Airway Diseases a shared approach to management York April 2005. Gastric aspiration in lung transplantation.
. Invited speaker, Swedish CF research group, Gothenburg 2005.
. Scientific session chair European Respiratory Society Munich 2006
. Invited speaker International conference on human Pepsin, Nottingham 2006. Gastric aspiration in lung transplantation.
. Invited speaker. Translational studies in airway remodelling. Menzies Institute, University of Tasmania, Feb 2007
. Scientific session chair European Respiratory Society Stockholm 2006
. Invited speaker International conference on Human Pepsin, University of Winscosin USA 2008. Gastric aspiration in lung transplantation.


Current teaching

LEAD: Q1213-CVR8002: Q1213
Respiratory and Sleep Science Masters Modernising scientific healthcare in the NHS [Module lead and teacher]    

CVR8012Respiratory and Sleep Science 2 Module Leader 40%

30CVR8011Respiratory and Sleep Science 1Module Leader 35%

20CVR8002Introduction to Respiratory and Sleep Science Module Leader 45%

10PSC3012 Integrated PhysiologyLecturer 7%

10PSC2016Molecular Physiology and Pathophysiology Lecturer 30%

15BMS2011The Nervous System and Respiratory Diseases Lecturer 15%

Q1213-SPE1015-SPE8101: Q1213- Physiology for Speech and Language 15 credit

Q1213-PGY8005: Q1213- TRANSPLANTATION SCIENCES 20 credit

First Year Medical student Seminar group tutor: Asthma and COPD

Current PhD/MD students: (% supervision split)

Hafez Abedal-Wali Oqlah Al-momani (50%)
Muneef Manea A. Aldhafeeri (50%)
Adil Abdullah A Aldhahrani (50%)
Gemma Louise Crossfield (30%)

Melissa Jane Friel (50%) [Joint PhD Univ of Galway]
Rhys Jones (50%)
Amaran Krishnan (50%)
Shameem Sultanali LADAK (50%)
Therese Mary Frances Small (50%)

Elizabeth Jane Moisey (10%)

James Gray Macfarlane (10%)