Bio-Imaging Unit

Leica DM6 (2)

Leica DM6 (2) wide field fluorescence (upright)


A fully automated wide field system for fluorescence and bright field imaging.

The DM6 has a full range of objectives (10- 100x), monochrome and colour cameras and filtersets to enable fluorescence imaging of up to four distinct channels from UV to far red excitation.

Stage and z are also motorised, allowing mutlichannel z stacks in multiple positions or tilescans.


Here you can find the specifications for this microscope.

Imaging modes

Wide field fluorescence, brightfield, with multi-point x,y (2D) with tiling, volume x,y,z (3D), DIC


  • 100x (oil, 1.46)
  • 63x (oil, 1.4)
  • 40x (oil, 1.3)
  • 40x (air, 0.75)
  • 25x (multi, 0.8)
  • 10x (air, 0.45)
  • 2.5x (air, 0.75)


This equipment is located in the Campus for Ageing and Vitality.

Campus for Ageing and Vitality
Newcastle University
Westgate Rd
Newcastle upon Tyne

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Find out how to book this microscope.

The minimum booking time for this system is 30 minutes. Time increments of 15 minutes are permitted.

Before booking this equipment, please ensure the following:

  • any users are fully trained, and approved by a member of BioImaging facility staff
  • microscopes are left in a good state of tidiness (lenses/stage should be cleaned of any oil)
  • filters and lenses must not be removed or switched between systems without authorisation from Bioimaging facility staff

If you work at Newcastle University, you can book this microscope online by using iLab.

If you're a commercial company or an academic at another institution, just contact us to discuss your requirements.